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We are a small but talented team focused on creating video games. We hope you find what you are looking for =) and don't forget to say hi!
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What do we do?

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Our Games

What we enjoy the most, is to create original games, new characters, stories, game mechanics and distribute them around the globe. A wide variety of technologies feed our curiosity and take us to explore new ways of playing.
Making games is our favourite game.


Resolvemos el proceso completo de ideación, producción y desarrollo de videojuegos, combinando enfoques de diseño, marketing y artísticos, teniendo en cuenta las limitaciones de tiempo, presupuestarias y tecnológicas. Trabajamos con AS3, Html5 y Unity. Publicamos para web, mobile, PC y VR. Construimos instalaciones interactivas utilizando tecnologías y artilugios menos convencionales.

Empowering our industry

We love to help other people to start making games, and that's why we organize the local Global Game Jam, Expo Lúdica, and the JuegosArgentinos.org web archive.

By the way, wanna meet other Argentinean studios? This is a great start point.

What did we do?

An image worth a thousand words....

Thumb Fighter

Juego Flash ( Android + Web )

Regular Show : Galaxy Escape

Juego HTML5 ( Web + Web Mobile )


Argentinean Video Games Archive

Expo Lúdica 2016


Expo Joven 2016

VR & Thumb Fighter exposition

VJ16 : JuegosArgentinos.org

Project Presentation

Virtual Reality experiments

First VR projects.

Bunnícula and the cursed Diamond

HTML5 ( Web + WebMobile )

Bunnícula : Rescuing Harold

HTML5 Game ( Web + WebMobile )

Meet The Devs : Mobile Talk

We were invited to a mobile games panel.

Tom & Jerry: Broom Riders

HTML5 Game ( Web + WebMobile )

Are You Puppet To Me?

Flash Game ( PewDiePie Jam )

Don't step on the Cracks!

HTML5 Game ( Web + Android)


UNITY ( Web + Android)

Global Game Jam 2015

Local Jam Site Organizers

La Plata Game Jam 2013

1st Local Game Jam Organizers

On Wheels

HTML5 Game ( Mobile + Android )

Space Hamster

HTML5 Game ( Mobile + Android )

The team

Nico Castez

Founder | Design, Art & Business

Leandro Camugli

CTO | Programming and Design

Ismael Loreto

Ismael Loreto


And friends!

Lucía Castez

Art and Animation

Paco Álvarez Lojo


Tomás Batista

Music and Sound Master


The Boss

Mr. Poopy

No idea

We're everywhere, but you can find us on Facebook more often.

Also there's a form here!